Congratulations 2022 Tax Transformer Awards Winner and Finalists!

Thank You for Voting!

Thank you one and all for choosing the most compelling Tax Transformer story: Meet the Dream-Team: Corptax, Alteryx, and Power BI.


  • Brunswick – Siu Hardin, Manager – Tax Automation and Compliance


  • Archer Daniels Midland – Fernanda Noronha, Alan Marsh, and Irina Kirova
  • Curran Group – Angela Stephens
  • GE Appliances – Leah Huber
  • News Corp – Amir Keshwani
  • Reynolds Consumer Products – Scott Wickert

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Recognition and Prizes

  • Winner receives an Apple Watch®
  • Winner and all finalists receive:
    • Commemorative keepsake to mark their success
    • Hotel suite upgrade at the conference, if attending
    • $500 toward a team lunch or conference expenses

My managers were very proud of me becoming a finalist. By putting my story on paper, they have a greater appreciation for our process improvement.

The Tax Transformer Awards puts us on the radar of upper management and the CFO—they took notice of how we helped the business.

When writing the Tax Transformer submission, I realized just how many process improvements our team has implemented to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

Tax Transformer Winner | Kiewit