Connect 24 Bootcamp

Attend Pre-conference Bootcamp Add-ons and More

December 8 – 9

New Bootcamps for 2024

Explore targeted Bootcamp Add-ons designed to elevate your expertise:

  • Global Reporting: Corptax international taxation experts share insights into current trends. We cover all things GMT, including QDMTT obligations and more.
  • Alteryx: Walk through everything from basic interface navigation to the creation of intricate workflows, and more.
  • Corptax Office Excel Integration Masterclass: From data mapping to submission, learn how to enhance Excel’s capabilities with Corptax to streamline processes.
  • Advanced Excel: Engage with dynamic arrays, LAMBDA functions, and advanced data types to transform your data analytics and reporting techniques.
  • Corptax e-File: Explore the e-file process through practical experience. Set up and process both federal and state returns and learn how to successfully interpret and resolve e-file errors.
  • International Compliance—Form 1118: Explore methods for categorizing and entering domestic data, processing required calculations, and analyzing form data within Corptax.

Choose as many Bootcamp sessions as you like for $295 with a Continuous Education Subscription—or $595 without.

Enjoy interactive pre-conference sessions at no cost

Attend special sessions to plan the ideal conference, mingle with Corptax leadership, and join roundtables with peers.

Get the Most Out of CONNECT: Map out a winning conference strategy for gaining the insights, product information, and industry

contacts to take on corporate tax.

Meet Corptax: Get to know the people behind Corptax and bring the burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Networking Table Talks: Forge valuable connections with fellow attendees as you discuss business challenges, solutions, and industry trends at facilitated talks.

Provision Bootcamp sessions are valuable for anyone. There’s always something new to learn, from setting up your provision to tips and tricks to advanced topics for experienced users.

The knowledge and experience we gain from Bootcamp is so valuable that it justifies the cost of the conference! It is one of the best offerings at CONNECT.