Connect 24 Executive Track

Executive Track – Expanded

Optimize tax for the organization

Calling all Tax Execs!

With Tax playing a bigger role in the organization’s success, leverage the Executive Track for tech-driven strategies to boost visibility and influence. It’s the perfect opportunity to network with fellow tax leaders and exchange ideas during sessions and social events.

FM Global’s Senior VP and CTO, Pam Griffith, puts it this way,

The Executive Track was fantastic. The conversations included topics we’re thinking about and did a great job of incorporating Corptax.”

The Executive Track is just part of the most content-rich curriculum we’ve offered to date, featuring more new technology, functionality, and product updates than ever before.

Explore a few options focused on leadership:

New! Taking Control of Your Tax Data

Transform your tax data into a valuable asset for the organization. Discover best practices for data governance, quality, and security to make informed decisions, enhance compliance, and mitigate risks.

New! Executive View of Corptax – Panel Discussion

Be sure your team uses Corptax to its fullest potential. From provision and compliance through reporting and analytics, learn how the Corptax Single Solution strengthens tax operations and decision-making.

New! Shaping the Future of Corptax

Gain insights into the long-term growth of Corptax products and how they benefit your organization. Engage directly with Corptax leaders to help guide the trajectory of product development.

New! Pillar Two: Next Steps

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Pillar Two into your financial close. Listen to best-practice recommendations and real-life examples of how peers incorporate Pillar Two into their processes.

New! Corptax as a Problem Solver

Hear how Corptax resolves challenges executives face managing complex tax departments, from compliance issues and process optimization to staff fluctuations and strategic planning.

New! Navigating Tax Uncertainty: Emerging Trends

With AI developments, changes in tax disclosures, and evolving tax laws, tax leaders must plan for changes before they materialize. Dive into emerging trends and how Corptax helps you navigate them.